This site has my own favourite photos grouped into galleries and themes.

Current galleries on display:

* Lonely City *

* Travel *

Why this site

A life size poster or wall places the viewer beside or inside the shoot. This triggers the thoughts and emotions when appreciating the material.

The message is lost when viewing photos on screen, tablet, phone or from low resolution sites.

I though of building this site after realising that there is no place to share my full high resolution images for showing in ultra resolution displays.

How to see

We recommend using a very large 80″ 4k screen or larger to experience these images.

Slideshows made for a 8K 100″ or better display to flavour the intended impact of the material. Appreciating these photos on mobile, regular computer screen or 1080p large TV set is not recommended.

Photos below will fill page at browser window resolution – click on  to open a new tab with the full resolution photo. Use your browser to zoom to detail.

Most of the photos are in very high resolution (most about 50mp) and may take a while to show on slow internet connections.

If seeing material on a mobile phone beware that this site may consume unusual volumes of data as some online versions of these photos can be up to 70 megabytes in size each.

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