My Lonely City photo series

This site has my own favourite photos. I have these grouped into themes.

The reason why I built this site is because there is no place to share my full high resolution images for showing in ultra resolution displays.

Use at least a 4k screen to experience these images. Most of the photos are in very high resolution (most about 50mp) and may take a while to show on slow internet connections.

Slideshows best seen on a 8K or better display to experience the intended impact of the material. Watching these photos on mobile or regular computer screens is not recommended. 

Themes currently on display are:

  • City Walks – Outdoor photography
  • Strobes – Studio light painting using lots of flashes, umbrellas, snoots, colour gels, etc
  • Wide angle photography
  • Miscellaneous – other experiments
  • Super Telephotos – Some nice “far away” photos
  • Shallow DOF Experiments – Playing with extremely fast lenses
  • Help from Strangers – People I do not know sitting in a city busy location asking for help from strangers
  • Macro photography – What can be done at high res when an extension tube is added between a lens and a camera sensor 

Photos below will fill page at reduced resolution – click on  to open a new tab with the full resolution photo. Use your browser to zoom to detail.

If seeing this on a mobile phone beware that clicking on  may consume internet data as there are some photos can be up to 70 megabytes in size.

Samples from city walks

Sample of photos took during walks around the city


Playing with painting with light. Photon Ink

Wide angle photos

Wide angle photos


The Black Swans

Super Telephotos

A Sample of super Telephotos

Shallow DOF Experiments

Experimenting with Shallow DOF

Help from Strangers in a Lonely City

Anonymous/Unknown people asking for help from strangers


Miscellaneous Macro

Some of this material was shot in public places. For take down requests please email admin at soromenho dot net.